2019 Annual Meeting Notes

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes 

September 30, 2019 6:00 PM Highland Haus


  • Welcome by Angela O’Toole, approximately 50 people in attendance.  Potluck dinner enjoyed by all with Bob Sowden saying grace for our group.   

  • Meeting called to order by Angela at 6:30 PM.   Angela acknowledged the Board members and thanked Mark Zaun for his work as liaison for our club with CLPOC.  She gave special recognition to Cindy Benkert and Tom Frain for work with ladder leagues, Tambi Zaun and Dave Moore for offering skills and drills clinics, Jeff Sell/Lynne Johanassen and Joe and LeeAnn McCormick for their donations, Carol Anne Baumann for the tournament, Bernie Guggemos for ceiling fans donated in honor of Vietnam Vets and his gift of time installing them and Jim Tibbe for construction of medal stands for the tournament.    Angela O’Toole also acknowledged Debra Moon for managing the club T-shirts and Hixson receipts for the last several years, Pam Owens for agreeing to take over managing the club’s T-shirts and Laurie Moore for agreeing to take over our Hixson’s receipts.  

  • Jo Preston read last year’s annual meeting minutes.  They were approved as read.

  • Tambi Zaun went over treasurer’s report. The annual audit was performed by Steve Brandt and Carol Anne Baumann and passed.  She walked through line items on the budget/receipts and expenses. She explained that pickleballs have been purchased for the club with money made from members’ purchases from Pickleball Central.  The report was approved unanimously.

  • Marv Baumann and Steve Brandt passed out ballots to members to all members to vote for two open board positions.  Those running included Nancy Henderson, Dave Baker and Debbie Clements.

  • Angela O’Toole announced dates for next year’s tournament: July 31st-August 2nd and explained that was the only weekend Marilyn was available to run the tournament.  Carol Schroeder agreed to be tournament director. 

  • Tambi Zaun shared financials of the tournament.  She detailed information about Pay Pal uses and fees.   After going over all income and expenses, she shared that the profit was $3605.09.   

  • Accomplishments were shared by Laurie Moore and Jo Preston.   Laurie Moore talked about the Facebook page, paperless meetings and the use in the future of a program for scheduling playtime with friends: Playtime Scheduler.  Jo Preston talked about the welcome letter that is being sent by the president to new members. She also talked about the overall effects the tournament had on Canadian Lakes community, participants and guests.  

  • Tambi Zaun showed numbers representing the change of membership over the last four years.   In 2016 the club had 41 members and today there are 134 annual membership paying members. That is a huge accomplishment!

  • Tambi Zaun shared that the New Hope United Methodist Church is willing again to rent their gym space for indoor play; however, the schedule is different this year.  Indoor play will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00-12:00. An hour has been added. The membership voted on accepting the new schedule paying $200 monthly for six months: October 14-April 10.   

  • Mark Zaun talked about his conversations with the CLPOC regarding renovations for the courts.   He detailed specifics about the costs and the plan for CLPOC to renovate every 7 years which means the current condition of courts would remain the same or worsen for several more years before renovation would be completed.   In an effort for courts to be renovated earlier, Mark presented several options by detailing several options for the club to pay partial or all expenses for the renovations. After showing several options, the members present at the meeting voted in favor of having Mark present to the CLPOC that our club would pay the full cost of $11,700 to resurface our eight courts in the Spring with the clear understanding (in writing) that the club would have oversight of the project, would sign off on the work completion and would have say in who was contracted for the project as well as the next renovation of courts completed with CLPOC budget.   The membership agreed that we would need a signed contract if the CLPOC agrees to the proposal.  

  • The election results indicated our new Board Member will be Nancy Henderson and Dave Baker.

  • Closing comments:  Outdoor play in October starts at 10:00.  Mark Zaun asked is we wanted tie downs for nets.   He will get a quote for the club. Angela O’Toole shared that we are getting new shoe scrapers and may put asphalt around pavilion to reduce dirt from courts.  We may put barrier between courts to reduce traffic and balls from interferences. Marv Baumannsaid he’d donate a foot brush. Next year we will plan meeting for an earlier date, so those who leave early can attend.

  Meeting adjourned by 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jo Preston




2018 Annual Meeting Notes

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2018 5:00 PM Highland Haus


  • Welcome by Pete Aleksynas, approximately 37 people in attendance.  Potluck dinner enjoyed by all with Dan Wolpert saying grace for our group.

  • Meeting called to order by Pete at 6:00 PM.  

  • Janet read last year’s annual meeting minutes.  They were approved as read.

  • Tambi went over treasurer’s report.  The annual audit was performed and passed.  She highlighted income generated by tee shirt sales proposed and managed by Debra Moon; and special recognition was also given to Grundmans, Prestons, Wards and Guggemos’ for special donations to the walkway around the court complex and electrical work to our storage building and sun shelter.  Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

  • After a proposal from the group, it was decided to change open play start time to 10:00 for the remainder of the outdoor season.  

  • Agreement with the church – Janet advised that the NHUMC is willing again this year to let us use the gym Monday – Saturday from 9:00-11:00 AM.  After a lot of group discussion, the decision was made to keep the six day a week schedule and the cost to the club is understood and approved. Within the group that are regulars at the church play, someone will need to open/close the church on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Pete lead discussion about a proposed Bylaw change: Section 3.02 to read: The Board consists of five (5) directors, one of which may be a non-property owner of Canadian Lakes.  The proposal passed.

  • Janet spoke to the 2019 Tournament.  Carol has a meeting with Greg Babbitt set for October 10, 2018 to discuss CLPOC’s involvement in the tournament.  Janet advised that we still need additional volunteers and sheets are available for sign-up.

  • The election results indicated our new Board Members will be Laurie Moore and Jo Preston.  

  • Pete adjourned the meeting 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Dorer

for Angela O’Toole, Secretary


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