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SEPTEMBER 7, 2022;

5 - 6:30 pm Legacy Park

1. Welcome and Sign in. There were fifty-eight (58) members in attendance.

Sign in sheet available

2. Treasurer Report- J. Butzin for S. Brandt. As of 9/7/22, the CLPBC has a bank

balance of $9,039.10.

Motion to accept the Treasurer Report was made by CLPBC Member M. Rutkowski

and was seconded by CLPBC Member D. O’Toole.

3. BYLAW Revision Review and Discussion- C. Ligtvoet

presented the members with the proposed Bylaw changes:

a. Under Article II, MEMBERS: Section 2.01.

Qualifications: -Current Language: Membership may be granted to any Canadian Lakes property owner

in good standing, their guests and relatives that support the mission and purposes of the organization,

and who pays any dues set by the Board of Directors. Members shall be expected to conduct themselves

in a civil manner and to treat other members with due respect at all times. Members shall have voting rights

for election of Directors and for amendments to these Bylaws, at meetings scheduled for such purposes.

-Proposed Language: Membership may be granted to any Canadian Lakes property owner and any current

amenity owner in good standing, their guests and relatives that support the mission and purposes of the

organization, and who pays any dues set by the Board of Directors…


AND DUTIES OF DIRECTORS: Section 3.02. Number, Selection and Tenure: -Current Language: The

Board shall consist of five (5) directors, one of which may be a non-property owner of Canadian Lakes…

-Proposed Language: The Board shall consist of five (5) directors, one of which may be a non-property

owner CL Amenity owner of Canadian Lakes…CL Amenity owners may not hold the following officer

positions on the Board: President, Vice President, Treasurer. C. Ligtvoet led the group discussion and

answered club member questions with input from J. Butzin.

4. Bylaw Revision Vote- Ballots were handed out to the CLPBC members present at the meeting;

each member filled out their ballot. Ballots were then collected and counted. The following results

were verbally announced to the CLPBC Members (as present at the meeting):

a. 1 st Bylaw Revision

(ARTICLE II, MEMBERS: Section 2.01. Qualifications) passed 31-26.

b. 2 nd Bylaw Revision (ARTICLE III, AUTHORITY AND DUTIES OF DIRECTORS: Section 3.02. Number,

Selection and Tenure) passed 43-14.

5. Nomination and Election Board Member Approval

a. President Jeff Butzin & Treasurer Steve Brandt

are resigning from the CLPBC Board and will no longer have CLPBC Bank Account access effective 9/7/22.

b. C. Ligtvoet is serving her second term on the 2022-2023 Board.

c. There were five (5) nominations for four (4) open 2022-2024 board seats:

i. Craig Henderson

ii. Tina Kellogg

iii. Cheryl Janssen

iv. Karen Parks

v. Pete Aleksynas

d. Ballots were handed out to the CLPBC Members present with instructions to vote for no more than four (4).

e. Each Member filled out their ballots; ballots were then collected and counted; the following election results

were verbally announced to the CLPBC Members (as present at the meeting):

i. Tina Kellogg

ii. Cheryl Janssen

iii. Karen Parks

iv. Pete Aleksynas

f. The 2022-2023 CLPBC Directors met after the conclusion of the 9/7/22 CLPBC Annual Meeting and

assigned the following duties:

i. President: Colleen Ligtvoet

ii. Vice-President: Cheryl Janssen

iii. Secretary: Karen Parks

iv. Treasurer: Pete Aleksynas:

v. Member-at-Large: Tina Kellogg

g. Effective 9/7/22 President Colleen Ligtvoet and Treasurer Pet Aleksynas will have access to the

CLPBC Bank Account.

6. Other a. J. Butzin advised court maintenance will be necessary on the new perimeter because of the

weeds growing through. We will have to continually treat for weeds but with grass clippings getting on it,

it will continue to spread weeds without maintenance.

Meeting adjourned 6:30 PM

Respectfully submitted, Karen Parks, Secretary


Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors Board Member Contact Information

President Colleen Ligtvoet Email: Phone: (616) 446-1335

Vice-President Cheryl Jannsen Email: Phone: (521) 868-7930

Secretary Karen Parks Email: Phone: (734) 231-9262

Treasurer Pete Aleksynas Email: Phone: (616) 915-6607

Member-at-Large Tina Kellogg Email: Phone: (517) 930-1880


1. Welcome and Sign in. There were 41 members who signed in. Attendence was approximately 50.

2. Secretary Report- L. Johannessen. The minutes of the General Meeting from August 23,2021 were read and approved.

3. Treasurer Report- S. Brandt. As of today we currently have $18, 506.78 in the treasury. Our big expenses so far this year

have been the fees to New Hope Church for indoor play $1750.00 and the drinking fountain –about $1200.00.

Players are reminded to pay their dues so they can participate in Club activities.

4. COVID- Members are reminded that COVID is still an issue. Be safe and don’t expose others.

5. Facilities- J. Butzin

a. Water fountain has been purchased and will be installed by the end of the week.

b. An oscillating fan 24in, once available, will be installed. If helpful another one will be purchased.

c. Shoe brushes- one is already at the courts and another has been purchased and will be placed on the far side when available.

d. Concrete/cement- An estimate was received via Bill Hull from a company that CLPOC does business with.

This was for the length of both sides. Cost was $9000.00. There was some discussion about the cost.

Some members felt that we have the money and so should go ahead with this. Having money on hand for

potential court resurfacing was mentioned. This project could not be completed until the fall.

e. The Donations Committee has about $846 and where wondering if this could be used to purchase bleachers for

the courts so that the ones near the soft ball field don’t have to be moved for PB tournaments. Discussion was about

the placement of the bleachers, getting them placed on cement, and since they would be in the sun , how often they would be used.

f. Other uses for Club money.

i. Lobster ball machine. This would allow members to practice if solo and could also be used for clinics.

Members would have to take a class to be able to use the machine. Use of the machine could be done via Teamreach.

This idea had a lot of support.

ii. Exploring the possibility of enlarging the pavilion. Maybe on one side first and then the other.

Will need to check with CLPOC.

iii. Possibility of putting up a backboard for solo drills. Could be on court 5.

g. All these suggestions will be taken up

by the Board for further review and discussion

6. Leagues

a. Monday Night Couples League- Sign up weekly on teamreach. Code Monday123.

b. Wednesday Ladder League. Phil Walling discussed the new format and sign up. Sign up will start on Wed May 18.

It will be the first 40 players. Then additionally in groups of 5. Top player in each group will move up and lowest down

each week. Code CanadianLakes.

Clinic will run May 25 to Aug 17. 4-6 pm

c. Both of these 2 leagues are Members only

d. Saturday Drop In league- Will need to check with Tom Frain if doing again this year. Anyone can play.

7. Club Championship

a. Open to members only. Colleen Ligtvoet and Jeff Butzin co chairs

b. Will be on Saturday July 30 and Sunday July 31. Men’s and women’s doubles on Saturday and Mixed Doubles on Sunday.

c. Collen asked for volunteers to help with event. List was passed with good response.

8. Beginners Clinic

a. Had great response from the community. 45 attendees and 2 joined CLPBC on spot.

b. Discussion about possible followup clinics. Attendees at the clinics were interested in followup. Could be about specific skills.

c. Jo Preston has indicated an interest to organize this. Will get additional volunteers

d. Is good way to give back to community.

e. A majority of club members where in favor of pursuing these beginner clinics.

9. Social Activities

a. Want to have club activities that are fun for members, eg round robins, potlucks etc.

b. Format could be different every time. Some members indicated that there are a lot of competing events going on eg.

Golf, family visiting etc.

c. Tambi Zaun agreed to do first event. Sunday June 12 From 12-2. More details coming.

10. Indoor play

a. A vote was taken of members to see if the option of indoor play should be pursued.

b. The exact cost will be available at fall meeting.

c. More than half of the attending members voted yes to continue indoor play.

11. New Board members

a. Will need 3 new board members for 2022-2023. Will try to get names by Aug 1 so can do voting before August General Meeting. 12. Other a. Possibility of having skills/drills clinic for members mentioned.

b. The code to the shed will be changed later this month. Club members are reminded not to share this number.

Meeting adjourned 6:45 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Lynne Johannessen, Secretary

Annual Meeting Minutes from the August 24,2020 meeting:

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2020  5:00 PM Legacy Park Pavilion


  • Welcome by Laurie Moore, approximately 50 members in attendance.  

  • Secretary’s Report:  Jo Preston read minutes from last year’s general meeting.   The report was approved unanimously as read.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

 Tambi Zaun shared expenditures and revenue from the year from court renovation costs, new memberships, Hixson’s cash, etc. and reported that as of August 24th, our club has a net of 5, 996.51.

 Tambi shared that the board had initially approved a two month extension on membership dues because of the club not sanctioning activities as in the past due to Coronavirus safety implications.   The board then later decided to freeze all membership payments until we resume to normal club activities.   Currently, we have 134 members with 71 fully paid memberships.

It was also reported the Carol Ann Baumann and Pam Owens completed the CLPBC’s audit and everything looked okay.

  • Mark Zaun reported on the court renovation project.   He said he provided oversight, observing as the work was being completed.   Although the actual work required was more than the company originally had known due to initial asphalt work, slope in surface, etc., the company honored their initial quote provided the winter before the job.   The company put three coats of epoxy on the surface, and also shared that certain areas of the court, due to quality of initial very porous asphalt work, would have problems.  That’s why we see cracking/ghost lines.    Mark has the materials and paint to repair those areas, but work won’t be done until later as it requires that those particular courts would need to remain down for two days.

 Mark reported the members of the CLPOC have seen the courts and are very pleased with the outcome.   The CLPOC will complete the next upgrade work in four years.

 Mark also talked about tie downs on the nets.  The resurfacing company recommended that there not be holes put in the surface so the integrity of the court remains solid.   Consideration is being given to running a cable under the nets with a system that would allow a tie down like system without the court surface involved.

  • David Baker then talked about how the club determined due to Covid-19 that there would be no club sanctioned activities throughout the summer.  This included formal open court play, ladder league play, welcoming gathering, general meeting, tournament, etc.    Our hope is return to a more traditional summer of activities next year determined by where we are with coronavirus in Michigan.

  • Indoor play at New Hope Church is still not definite at this time.   As we get closer to October, the Board and Church Board will make a decision and let the club know the outcome.  Steve Brandt, who volunteers at New Hope, shared that the church is providing a month of credit for play to the club since our play indoors was shortened last winter.

  • Nancy Henderson reported that shared our tournament dates for next year: July 23-25, 2021.   She also said that tournaments all over have been cancelled due to the virus.   We want to offer a tournament when we can have people from all over the state and even outside the state who feel comfortable and safe coming to Canadian Lakes.   Nancy said that we want to showcase our community.   She also said that Ferris would not be offering indoor play for the fall and that their own students would not even have access to the facilities.  Volunteers would be needed to help with the tournament next year..

  • New Board Members-Dave Baker shared a little history of the club.    Then a hand vote was taken to make official that the three members running for the board: Jeff Butzin, Wally Kiehler and Lynne Johannessen would take place of the three outgoing board members, Tambi Zaun, Laurie Moore and Jo Preston, for the next two years.  


Open Discussion took place:


  • Randy DeArment asked if there was any update on vandalism on the courts: eggs broken/balls broken.  It was shared that security took photos for record and courts one and two were cleaned very quickly that afternoon by maintenance.   Security cameras were mentioned.

  • The CLPOC is going to have their attorneys review if it’s legal to have a sign up at the courts sharing that only Members of Canadian Lakes, Club members and members friends are the only ones allowed to use the courts.    This is yet to be determined.  

  • Jan Mittelstadt wondered if it may be possible for Saturday’s ladder league to be offered after the time that is typically designated for open play.   This way those who want to play PB in the morning can comfortably access a court to play outside of the Ladder League.  This is something that the Board may want to review for next year should all sanctioned play be considered and/or considered.  


Next Projects:


  • There is nothing currently being planned for use of club money.   Wally Kiehler brought up the possibility of paving around the fences and outside the concrete slab to reduce sand/etc. from getting onto courts and under the pavilion. 

  • Angela O’Toole suggested that the club give the neighbor, Jeff Hylek, a small monetary token of our appreciation for having to listen to us playing all the time! 

  • Someone asked about the tournament costs.  Tambi shared that after expenses and revenue from entry fee, the club actually made profit of $3605.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Jo Preston, Secretary 2018-Summer 2020



2019 Annual Meeting Notes

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes 

September 30, 2019 6:00 PM Highland Haus


  • Welcome by Angela O’Toole, approximately 50 people in attendance.  Potluck dinner enjoyed by all with Bob Sowden saying grace for our group.   

  • Meeting called to order by Angela at 6:30 PM.   Angela acknowledged the Board members and thanked Mark Zaun for his work as liaison for our club with CLPOC.  She gave special recognition to Cindy Benkert and Tom Frain for work with ladder leagues, Tambi Zaun and Dave Moore for offering skills and drills clinics, Jeff Sell/Lynne Johanassen and Joe and LeeAnn McCormick for their donations, Carol Anne Baumann for the tournament, Bernie Guggemos for ceiling fans donated in honor of Vietnam Vets and his gift of time installing them and Jim Tibbe for construction of medal stands for the tournament.    Angela O’Toole also acknowledged Debra Moon for managing the club T-shirts and Hixson receipts for the last several years, Pam Owens for agreeing to take over managing the club’s T-shirts and Laurie Moore for agreeing to take over our Hixson’s receipts.  

  • Jo Preston read last year’s annual meeting minutes.  They were approved as read.

  • Tambi Zaun went over treasurer’s report. The annual audit was performed by Steve Brandt and Carol Anne Baumann and passed.  She walked through line items on the budget/receipts and expenses. She explained that pickleballs have been purchased for the club with money made from members’ purchases from Pickleball Central.  The report was approved unanimously.

  • Marv Baumann and Steve Brandt passed out ballots to members to all members to vote for two open board positions.  Those running included Nancy Henderson, Dave Baker and Debbie Clements.

  • Angela O’Toole announced dates for next year’s tournament: July 31st-August 2nd and explained that was the only weekend Marilyn was available to run the tournament.  Carol Schroeder agreed to be tournament director. 

  • Tambi Zaun shared financials of the tournament.  She detailed information about Pay Pal uses and fees.   After going over all income and expenses, she shared that the profit was $3605.09.   

  • Accomplishments were shared by Laurie Moore and Jo Preston.   Laurie Moore talked about the Facebook page, paperless meetings and the use in the future of a program for scheduling playtime with friends: Playtime Scheduler.  Jo Preston talked about the welcome letter that is being sent by the president to new members. She also talked about the overall effects the tournament had on Canadian Lakes community, participants and guests.  

  • Tambi Zaun showed numbers representing the change of membership over the last four years.   In 2016 the club had 41 members and today there are 134 annual membership paying members. That is a huge accomplishment!

  • Tambi Zaun shared that the New Hope United Methodist Church is willing again to rent their gym space for indoor play; however, the schedule is different this year.  Indoor play will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00-12:00. An hour has been added. The membership voted on accepting the new schedule paying $200 monthly for six months: October 14-April 10.   

  • Mark Zaun talked about his conversations with the CLPOC regarding renovations for the courts.   He detailed specifics about the costs and the plan for CLPOC to renovate every 7 years which means the current condition of courts would remain the same or worsen for several more years before renovation would be completed.   In an effort for courts to be renovated earlier, Mark presented several options by detailing several options for the club to pay partial or all expenses for the renovations. After showing several options, the members present at the meeting voted in favor of having Mark present to the CLPOC that our club would pay the full cost of $11,700 to resurface our eight courts in the Spring with the clear understanding (in writing) that the club would have oversight of the project, would sign off on the work completion and would have say in who was contracted for the project as well as the next renovation of courts completed with CLPOC budget.   The membership agreed that we would need a signed contract if the CLPOC agrees to the proposal.  

  • The election results indicated our new Board Member will be Nancy Henderson and Dave Baker.

  • Closing comments:  Outdoor play in October starts at 10:00.  Mark Zaun asked is we wanted tie downs for nets.   He will get a quote for the club. Angela O’Toole shared that we are getting new shoe scrapers and may put asphalt around pavilion to reduce dirt from courts.  We may put barrier between courts to reduce traffic and balls from interferences. Marv Baumannsaid he’d donate a foot brush. Next year we will plan meeting for an earlier date, so those who leave early can attend.

  Meeting adjourned by 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Jo Preston




2018 Annual Meeting Notes

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2018 5:00 PM Highland Haus


  • Welcome by Pete Aleksynas, approximately 37 people in attendance.  Potluck dinner enjoyed by all with Dan Wolpert saying grace for our group.

  • Meeting called to order by Pete at 6:00 PM.  

  • Janet read last year’s annual meeting minutes.  They were approved as read.

  • Tambi went over treasurer’s report.  The annual audit was performed and passed.  She highlighted income generated by tee shirt sales proposed and managed by Debra Moon; and special recognition was also given to Grundmans, Prestons, Wards and Guggemos’ for special donations to the walkway around the court complex and electrical work to our storage building and sun shelter.  Treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

  • After a proposal from the group, it was decided to change open play start time to 10:00 for the remainder of the outdoor season.  

  • Agreement with the church – Janet advised that the NHUMC is willing again this year to let us use the gym Monday – Saturday from 9:00-11:00 AM.  After a lot of group discussion, the decision was made to keep the six day a week schedule and the cost to the club is understood and approved. Within the group that are regulars at the church play, someone will need to open/close the church on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Pete lead discussion about a proposed Bylaw change: Section 3.02 to read: The Board consists of five (5) directors, one of which may be a non-property owner of Canadian Lakes.  The proposal passed.

  • Janet spoke to the 2019 Tournament.  Carol has a meeting with Greg Babbitt set for October 10, 2018 to discuss CLPOC’s involvement in the tournament.  Janet advised that we still need additional volunteers and sheets are available for sign-up.

  • The election results indicated our new Board Members will be Laurie Moore and Jo Preston.  

  • Pete adjourned the meeting 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Janet Dorer

for Angela O’Toole, Secretary

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