Indoor play at both New Hope Church and the Mecosta Youth and Family Center has been restarted and are being played under Covid safety guidelines.  At the Mecosta Youth and Family Center there will be one full size court in use and the board is asking for a 1 dollar donation per each day you play at the Mecosta Center.  Playtime scheduler will be used as a tool for people to sign up to play at either location. This will allow you to check who is playing and how many people are signed up at each location. You can press the button below for access to Play Time Scheduler.   

Annual Meeting Minutes from the August 24,2020 meeting:

Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club

Annual Meeting Minutes

August 24, 2020  5:00 PM Legacy Park Pavilion


  • Welcome by Laurie Moore, approximately 50 members in attendance.  

  • Secretary’s Report:  Jo Preston read minutes from last year’s general meeting.   The report was approved unanimously as read.

  • Treasurer’s Report:

 Tambi Zaun shared expenditures and revenue from the year from court renovation costs, new memberships, Hixson’s cash, etc. and reported that as of August 24th, our club has a net of 5, 996.51.

 Tambi shared that the board had initially approved a two month extension on membership dues because of the club not sanctioning activities as in the past due to Coronavirus safety implications.   The board then later decided to freeze all membership payments until we resume to normal club activities.   Currently, we have 134 members with 71 fully paid memberships.

It was also reported the Carol Ann Baumann and Pam Owens completed the CLPBC’s audit and everything looked okay.

  • Mark Zaun reported on the court renovation project.   He said he provided oversight, observing as the work was being completed.   Although the actual work required was more than the company originally had known due to initial asphalt work, slope in surface, etc., the company honored their initial quote provided the winter before the job.   The company put three coats of epoxy on the surface, and also shared that certain areas of the court, due to quality of initial very porous asphalt work, would have problems.  That’s why we see cracking/ghost lines.    Mark has the materials and paint to repair those areas, but work won’t be done until later as it requires that those particular courts would need to remain down for two days.

 Mark reported the members of the CLPOC have seen the courts and are very pleased with the outcome.   The CLPOC will complete the next upgrade work in four years.

 Mark also talked about tie downs on the nets.  The resurfacing company recommended that there not be holes put in the surface so the integrity of the court remains solid.   Consideration is being given to running a cable under the nets with a system that would allow a tie down like system without the court surface involved.

  • David Baker then talked about how the club determined due to Covid-19 that there would be no club sanctioned activities throughout the summer.  This included formal open court play, ladder league play, welcoming gathering, general meeting, tournament, etc.    Our hope is return to a more traditional summer of activities next year determined by where we are with coronavirus in Michigan.

  • Indoor play at New Hope Church is still not definite at this time.   As we get closer to October, the Board and Church Board will make a decision and let the club know the outcome.  Steve Brandt, who volunteers at New Hope, shared that the church is providing a month of credit for play to the club since our play indoors was shortened last winter.

  • Nancy Henderson reported that shared our tournament dates for next year: July 23-25, 2021.   She also said that tournaments all over have been cancelled due to the virus.   We want to offer a tournament when we can have people from all over the state and even outside the state who feel comfortable and safe coming to Canadian Lakes.   Nancy said that we want to showcase our community.   She also said that Ferris would not be offering indoor play for the fall and that their own students would not even have access to the facilities.  Volunteers would be needed to help with the tournament next year..

  • New Board Members-Dave Baker shared a little history of the club.    Then a hand vote was taken to make official that the three members running for the board: Jeff Butzin, Wally Kiehler and Lynne Johannessen would take place of the three outgoing board members, Tambi Zaun, Laurie Moore and Jo Preston, for the next two years.  


Open Discussion took place:


  • Randy DeArment asked if there was any update on vandalism on the courts: eggs broken/balls broken.  It was shared that security took photos for record and courts one and two were cleaned very quickly that afternoon by maintenance.   Security cameras were mentioned.

  • The CLPOC is going to have their attorneys review if it’s legal to have a sign up at the courts sharing that only Members of Canadian Lakes, Club members and members friends are the only ones allowed to use the courts.    This is yet to be determined.  

  • Jan Mittelstadt wondered if it may be possible for Saturday’s ladder league to be offered after the time that is typically designated for open play.   This way those who want to play PB in the morning can comfortably access a court to play outside of the Ladder League.  This is something that the Board may want to review for next year should all sanctioned play be considered and/or considered.  


Next Projects:


  • There is nothing currently being planned for use of club money.   Wally Kiehler brought up the possibility of paving around the fences and outside the concrete slab to reduce sand/etc. from getting onto courts and under the pavilion. 

  • Angela O’Toole suggested that the club give the neighbor, Jeff Hylek, a small monetary token of our appreciation for having to listen to us playing all the time! 

  • Someone asked about the tournament costs.  Tambi shared that after expenses and revenue from entry fee, the club actually made profit of $3605.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by Jo Preston, Secretary 2018-Summer 2020

2020 - 2021 CLPBC Board Members

Jeff Butzin - President 

Dave Baker - Vice President 

Lynne Johannessen - Secretary

Wally Kiehler - Treasurer 

Nancy Henderson - Member at Large 

Click Here to see the 2019 C/L Tournament Pictures 


The Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club wishes to thank all of the local businesses and individuals who sponsored our tournament. What a great community! Please consider dining and shopping locally!!


ACE Hardware                                                  Hixson's Family Market  

Amy's Nail and Spa                                           Hometown Health Foods

Angles of Action                                                Hyland's Leg Cramp

Antlers Fireside Grill                                          Isabella Bank

Bernie Guggemos                                             Janet & Ben Dorer

Blue Lake Lodge                                               Jeff Hylek

Blue Lake Tavern                                              Jim Tibbe

Canadian Lakes Excavating                              King's Trading Post and Party Store

Canadian Lakes Eye Care                                Lakes Rentals

Century 21 Whitehouse Realty                         Lakeside Motor Sports

Coldwell Bankers lakes Realty                          Mancinos

Conley's Bakery                                                Massage Spot

EMS Boat Transport & Storage                         Mecosta County Activity Center

Fate's Market                                                     Mercantile Bank                                               

FILA                                                                   Pickleball Central

Flair for Hair Salon                                             Pickleball Rocks

Franklin Sports                                                   Remus Tavern

Gingrich Tire Center                                           Royal Pro Shop

Harold Wolf Dog Grooming                                Simply the Best Boutique

Hearty Harvest                                                   Skin Deep Face and Body Studio ​​

                                                                          Tullymore Resort



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