Wednesday Ladder League

This years ladder league will be run by Phil Walling/ Mark Wiegand

Play time will be on Wed  from 4-6 pm.  The first day of play will be May 25, 2022.

The team reach app will be used for registration.

To register to play go to  Code is Canadian Lakes.

League Rules:

You must be a Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club member in good standing and are familiar with the rules of pickleball

(see USA Pickleball Rules Summary). Please use the Team Reach app to contact any Team Leader.


The Canadian Lakes Pickleball ladder league is designed so that players play mostly with others of similar skill levels.

Ladder Leagues are competitive! Your ranking on a ladder is based upon your winning percentage (the ratio of points won

to total points possible). Players will move up or down the ladder (courts) based upon their winning percentage.

The number of ladders is dependent upon the number of people who are involved. The CL Ladder will initially be limited to 40 players. 

After the first 40 players sign up registration will stay open so players can be placed on a waiting list. When the waiting list reaches

an additional 5 players , another rung will be added to the ladder league. If the waiting list does not reach 5 players

you will remain on the waiting list and contacted should a player have to drop out of the league. The ladder is designed to run

most of the Summer from 4:00 – 6:00 pm starting on May 25, 2022.  The ending date will be August 17, 2022.

There will not be a ladder league on July 6, 2022 due to the July 4 holiday.

Format Each week, players will be placed in groups of 5 in the order of their ranking on their ladder for match play. You are expected

to play every week unless you inform one of the leaders you will be absent. All players will play games in a round robin fashion

with someone sitting. At the start of the game, players will decide who starts serving first and choice of side. Players must

change ends of the court when one side has at least half the number of points in the game to minimize the effects of the sun

and wind or other factors that may affect play. Games are played to 12 (win by 1) with 5 players (switch sides at 6) and

to 16 (win by 1) with 4 players (switch sides at 8). Scores are recorded as points. Score cards will be supplied each week and

instructions are included on the score card. After the points are totaled for the day, the player who is at the top of their ladder (court)

would move up to the next ladder (court) group and the last place player of the higher ladder (court) group above yours would then

move down into your ladder. That process would work for all ladders (courts) except the top and bottom ladder (court) groups.

That allows a change in players after each week so playing with the same people is kept to a minimum.


Weekly Play Each player should indicate their availability each week 24 hours prior to play (3:00 pm Tuesday) by going into the

calendar function and indicating Yes or No for attending. If you reply No because you cannot play, you will receive zero points f

or that week and will automatically have the lowest point total and will move down a ladder (court) for the next week.

Absences Can't Play - AFTER the deadline of 3:00 pm (24 hours) the day before (Tuesday) Please NOTIFY A TEAM

LEADER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you cannot make the ladder league because you may jeopardize your ladder court by having

only 3 players.

No Shows on Day of Ladder Unless there is an emergency requiring you not being able to show-up for the league without

notification, you can receive a warning for missing and any other further no-shows will result in the player being removed from

the league. It isn’t fair to those who show-up to the ladder and may not be able to play their match.

Substitute Players Substitutes are typically not needed but may be assigned if a Team Leader is unable to find a foursome

for a particular ladder court. If a player is used as a substitute, their score is not counted towards the missing player’s score.

The missing regular player receives a zero and will move down to the lower ladder group for the next week.

Interruption of a Match If a 3 or 4 game match cannot be completed due to weather or injury for example, NONE of the

scores will count.

Rule Changes Rules can be changed. A written proposal can be submitted to the Team Leaders who then will review and discuss

the suggestion with the submitter. The Ladder Committee, made up of all Team Leaders will review the proposed rule change and

make a final decision. The submitter will be informed of that decision.

  All indoor play at both New Hope Church and the Mecosta Youth and Family Center has been completed for this season.  We have now transitioned to outdoor play at our own courts and

Legacy Park.  Below is the schedule established for the summer season:

Club  Drop In Play  – 9-12 daily   Advanced play  M, W, F   3-5 pm


     Weekly Couples Drop in Play- This will be run by Jeff and Patti Butzin on Mon 5-7 pm.

This group will also use the team reach app.  Go to  

The code for this activity is Monday123.

      Saturday Drop In Ladder League- This is hosted by Tom Frain on Saturdays at 10 am.  

Signup is done just prior to the event. This is a non club activity.


2021 - 2022 CLPBC Board Members

Jeff Butzin - President 

Colleen Ligvoet - Vice President 

Lynne Johannessen - Secretary

Steve Brandt - Treasurer 

Bernie Guggemoss - Member at Large 


The Canadian Lakes Pickleball Club wishes to thank all of the local businesses and

individuals who sponsored our tournament. What a great community!

Please consider dining and shopping locally!!


ACE Hardware                                                  Hixson's Family Market  

Amy's Nail and Spa                                           Hometown Health Foods

Angles of Action                                                Hyland's Leg Cramp

Antlers Fireside Grill                                          Isabella Bank

Bernie Guggemos                                             Janet & Ben Dorer

Blue Lake Lodge                                               Jeff Hylek

Blue Lake Tavern                                              Jim Tibbe

Canadian Lakes Excavating                              King's Trading Post and Party Store

Canadian Lakes Eye Care                                Lakes Rentals

Century 21 Whitehouse Realty                         Lakeside Motor Sports

Coldwell Bankers lakes Realty                          Mancinos

Conley's Bakery                                                Massage Spot

EMS Boat Transport & Storage                         Mecosta County Activity Center

Fate's Market                                                     Mercantile Bank                                               

FILA                                                                   Pickleball Central

Flair for Hair Salon                                             Pickleball Rocks

Franklin Sports                                                   Remus Tavern

Gingrich Tire Center                                           Royal Pro Shop

Harold Wolf Dog Grooming                                Simply the Best Boutique

Hearty Harvest                                                   Skin Deep Face and Body Studio ​​

                                                                          Tullymore Resort


 Don’t forget our deal with Pickleball Central.  When you purchase paddles or any other

equipment or clothing from Pickleball Central, use our code CRClakes. 

You’ll get a 5% credit and so will our club!


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